Frequently Ask Question

The documents needed vary depending on the destination, species, intended use of the animal, and mode of transportation/carrier (airplane, ship, truck). The animal must be examined by a veterinarian who will issue the health certificate. The health certificate is then endorsed by a State Veterinarian (official government Vet).

You must have your animal examined by a veterinarian. If the animal meets the destination country’s requirements, your veterinarian can issue the health certificate. Please contact your veterinarian to obtain a correct and properly completed export health certificate

Please get in touch with Nusantra's personnel 1 month prior to arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). For more information please talk to one of our Pet Relocation experts on +60176780385 / +60132803574 / +60192530710 or you may contact us at nusantrabengals@gmail.com

Cargo: your pet travels in the cargo hold at the bottom of the Flight on a passenger airline or cargo flight and is booked by a pet travel agent.

In many cases, your cat or dog can easily travel with you by booking them as extra baggage (EB). They will either travel in a Live Animal (AVI) compartment of the flight or together with you in the cabin.

To obtain the export permit, your export agent will need you to provide the following :

A vaccination card, showing that your pet is up to date on vaccines. (Note: vaccine requirements can change frequently, including when the vaccines are administered prior to departure, so be sure to check with your export agent about these ever-changing requirements.

Sometimes even if your pet has been vaccinated within the past year, they may still require another vaccine within a few weeks of travel).

- A JPEG or PDF of your passport
- Your address in Malaysia, and your address in your destination country.
- A health certificate signed and stamped by your veterinarian, which lists : Your pet’s age
- Physical description 15-digit microchip number. It must also state that your pet is healthy, free from contagious diseases, and is fit for air travel

- Your pet must be of age 3 months and older
- Your pet must be microchipped and it has to be ISO compliant
- Rabies vaccine must be administered at least 30 days before the import date
- All vaccination & parasitic treatments must be up to date


- Import permit application
- Airport terminal clearance
- Manifest cargo clearance
- Booking reservation at the quarantine station (Depends on the country of export)
- Feeding & cleaning of pets during the quarantine period
- Delivery to residence

You can use the following A & B measuring guidelines :


- Measure the length of your pet from the base of his tail to the tip of his nose while standing.
- Then add about 4 inches to that measurement.

This will be how long your pet's crate needs to be.


- Measure the length of your pet from the floor to the top of his head while standing.
- Then add about 4inches to that measurement.

This will be how tall your pet's crate needs to be